Blurring part of an image

I’m very much from a software development background not a graphic design one but from time to time it is necessary to have to do a little bit of dabbling in the dark arts of graphic design.

The task this time was to blur out a section of the image I wanted to post online. It was taken at a local zoo with a Lorikeet on my head but there were other people in the picture who probably didn’t want to become world famous by appearing over my shoulder on a photo on my blog so I decided I should blur them.

I used FireAlpaca ( because it’s free and who doesn’t like to have a bow tie wearing Llama who seems to be in the fiery pits of hell helping you with your graphic design needs?!

I opened up the photo in FireAlpaca and then used the Lasso tool to carefully select the section of the image I wanted to blur. This took a couple of attempts because using my trusty Toshiba laptop’s trackpad lead to accidentally selecting most of my ear the first time around which might have made me look a little strange.

Having selected the portion of the image to be blurred I then clicked on the Filter menu and selected Gaussian Blur. I selected a value of 20 to ensure the faces were sufficiently blurred. I then saved the file as a png format to upload to the blog.

It’s not a masterpiece but it’s a useful technique so I’m committing it to this blog.